JUNE 3-7 2021

Information about Covid-19 and ticket refund policy

UNUM Festival will take place according to Albania law and regulations, including following health guidelines concerning Covid-19 and using rapid testing to mitigate any risk.

On this basis, the festival has been granted permission to take place thanks to the testing protocols and procedures that will take place prior to and during the festival, to ensure there is a covid secure environment for the event to take place in.

Due to the logistical and operational challenges this poses us, there is a strict no refunds policy on all tickets purchased for this event, so please purchase with care. It is only in the event of a full cancellation of the festival in its entirety that refunds would apply.

This also applies to individuals denied entry to the festival for security reasons, including failure to provide a negative result for a covid rapid test. If you test positive, you will be given the opportunity to re-test to prove you are not infectious or carrying the virus.

Should your positive result persist, then in accordance with national laws and regulations, you will be denied entry to the festival and must self-isolate so as not to pass the virus to anyone else. No refunds will be given for anyone testing positive prior to the festival.

We recommend to all attendees to act responsibly prior to attending the festival and in their travels to Albania and to the destination resort.

These measures are governed by the laws of Albania and not imposed by UNUM Festival.